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Hearing Aids - The Solution to Hearing Problems

Hearing Aids - The Solution to Hearing Problems
Hearing Aids - The Solution to Hearing Problems
Usually it is noticed that when a person feels problem in his ear then at the first he feels pain in inner part of his ear. It depends upon the type of hearing problem, which a user face, so in this situation one should consult audiologist for curing of hearing pain. Because a patient cannot diagnose his problem fully as compared to a specialist one otherwise ignoring such problem may cause serious position of the patient. Moreover if there is a hearing difficulties there is likelihood of recommendation of hearing aid devices by the doctor.

Types Of Hearing Problems

There are different types of hearing difficulties depending upon the different situation, these problems are mentioned one by one:

Conductive Hearing

It is characterized by time being hearing loss and pain in outer or middle of the year. Person also undergoes mild hearing loss and he might be having some loss of sight.

Sensory Hearing Loss
Sensory hearing loss is occurred due to malfunctioning of cochlea in the ear. In this case special tiny hear cells become damaged and it effects on hearing capability of person very badly as compared to conductive hearing difficulties. The person with this problem cannot distinguish among the sounds around himself.

Neural Type Of Hearing Problem:

Neural type of hearing difficulties is occurred because of problem in connection of cochlea to brain. Since it is also regarded as nerve problem as it is only the nerve which takes important sensory information from cochlea to brain so in neural type of hearing difficulties nerve is mostly effected. Sometimes this problem also occurs due to hereditary traits, which comes into light along the growth of a person.

There are also other hearing loses due to different reasons but these are very temporarily. For example when a person is habitual of listening high-pitched voices then after sometime it is observed that it becomes very difficult for him to listen comparatively lower voices.

Working Of Hearing Aid:

To get rid from different hearing loss problem one can use different hearing aids, which depend upon type of hearing loss. Different hearing devices can be different in structure but they perform same function.

Structure Of Hearing Aid

Mostly hearing devices are composed of microphone amplifier speaker and battery. Each part performs its own role for getting best quality performance. These devices are very much sensitive and only ones careless attitude can lead to loss.

Functions Of Different Parts Of Hearing Aid Devices

Since microphone is a important part of the hearing aids which is used to sense the sound from outside of the ear and produce electronic signals, after that voice in form of signals is sent to amplifier section of hearing device. Then amplifier makes audio signals more strengthen and amplify it to a particular level of power. By the use of amplifier volume of sense sound is increased, so we can hear the voice easily. On the other hand battery gives power to electronic parts of hearing device for solving problems like hearing loss patient must go to the clinic to examine his ears from audiologist so that problem could be addressed properly.

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