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11 Interesting Facts About Hearing Impairment

11 Interesting Facts About Hearing Impairment
11 Interesting Facts About Hearing Impairment
Hearing impairment is something that you have to recognize. You will find that hearing impairment not only suffered by old people. This can also be suffered by people in all ages. In order to give you the knowledge about this thing, the lists in the following are interesting facts about hearing impairment that you might not know before.

Fact # 1
There are over 90 percent of deaf children born from parents with normal hearing. This means that although you and your couple have normal hearing, this does not guarantee that your children will also have normal hearing.

Fact # 2
Approximately 30 to 40 percent of people aged over 65 suffer from some type of hearing loss. It is common that old people have this hearing disorder. This is because the ability of the ears to hear the sound decreases as the improving age. In this case, one in three people over the age of 65 experience some degree of hearing loss. Also, there are 14 percent of those aged 45 to 64 suffer from some type of hearing loss. This means that the older the age, the bigger chance of someone will get this hearing disorder.

Fact # 3
Approximately 15 percent of children ages six to 19 have hearing loss that can be measured, at least in one ear. In this case, this hearing disorder occurred in five out of 1000 newborns.

Fact # 4
Noise exposure underground railway (subway), just 15 minutes a day but it occurs sustainable can cause permanent hearing loss. This will make those who are work in this area have big chance of hearing anything unclear because of the hearing disorder that they have.

Fact # 5
Hearing aids offer a dramatic improvement in most people with hearing loss. With the improvement of these aids, people who suffered from this hearing disorder will be confident because they have the aids that will help them hear the sound.

Fact # 6
Mild hearing loss can cause children to miss 50 percent of the discussion in class. This is very bad for them since they might not catch the material in their classes. As parent you should pay attention to this in order to decrease the hearing impairment that your children have.

Fact # 7
Listening to MP3 player with high volume can cause permanent hearing loss over time. For you who have this hobby should be careful. In this case, you can turn the volume down to decrease the risk of getting hearing loss.

Fact # 8
With appropriate early detection and care, children who are deaf can be elaborated communication skills at the same rate as their peers with normal hearing.

Fact # 9
Noise is one of the main causes of hearing loss. The source of noise can be everything. The sound of plane, train and other sound that disturb your ears can be the source of noise.

Fact # 10
Hearing tests should be performed as a baby. This is done in order to know the solution for this matter. If the hearing loss is detected since baby, the prevention or solution toward this problem can be done since in the beginning.

Fact # 11
People with hearing loss wait an average of seven years before seeking help. Most of them do not know what to do to solve the problem that they face. When this hearing disorder becomes severe, they might be too late for seeking the solution.

Those are some interesting facts that you might not know. This will give you the addition knowledge about the hearing and hearing impairment so that you will be more aware of this hearing disorder.

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