Friday, March 8, 2013

Causes and Symptoms of Central Hearing Loss

Causes and Symptoms of Central Hearing Loss
Causes and Symptoms of Central Hearing Loss

Many people do not know is that, whether children, adults or customary, central hearing loss is rare though there are people who suffer from it. There are clear causes and symptoms of this spot thus it is principal that you derive acquainted with them so as to detect and scrutinize the significant medical steps when you glance that you have this quandary.

This hearing impairment results from brain pathway or auditory nerve harm, brainstem lesions is also another cause. Patients with this impairment are often misdiagnosed because of inconsistent auditory behavior in that they may answer to environmental sounds and explain no reaction when it comes to sudden loud sounds.

There are several causes of this impairment like bilateral brainstem lesions which is also known as tumor, brainstem structures hurt, true sided temporal lesions and head trauma. As noteworthy as there are other causes, these are known to be the major causes of this disease.

There are several symptoms when it comes to central hearing loss, it is therefore imperative that you understand some of these symptoms so as to detect if you or any other person is suffering from this disease. The major symptom is word deafness. This means that those patients suffering from this impairment do not experience any difficulties when it comes to speaking though they may present spot when it comes to word comprehension.

Auditory hallucination is also another symptom of this impairment which may lead to misdiagnosis of psychological difficulties like schizophrenia. Patients with this pickle also score it hard to spy nonword stimuli like when a phone rings (auditory agnosia)  or when playing music (amusia) . Sudden hearing loss is also one of the major symptoms of this impairment. As worthy as patients with this jam may react to environment sound, they contemplate themselves deaf.

Surgery or medication is not a remedy when it comes to treating this impairment thus the focus should be based on preventing it from progressing. This is because this quandary is always misdiagnosed as psychological disturbance which might not be the case and instead may inflict more hearing problems. It is therefore advised that you have to rob your child and even yourself for ear check up most often to detect if this jam exists.

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